Scientific Discovery – Rest In Peace

Medical and scientific discovery is doomed by the very institutions that represent science.

In the work that I do, we have noticed remarkable results with regards to certain types of cancer and certain other mutative dis-ease. The work is quite simple, non-invasive and very soothing.

In attempts to get it registered, I have been informed that it can’t be, as the applied principles do not fall within the scope of the South African Health Act. However, after doing presentations to the relative boards, I was encouraged by senior members to keep practising the modality.

I am intrigued how people wanting to “heal” and learn new modalities will opt for the mystical, esoteric modalities, rather than those that have grounds in science. Is the want truly to heal, or to be mystical and spiritual?

There is a veil over many eyes. A veil that holds us back.

Another thing that I do find interesting, with South African health and wellness practitioners, is that they ignore completely what is on their own doorstep. There appears to be a mindset that modalities from the States are the only way to go.

There is a veil over many eyes. A veil that holds us back.

scientific discoveryThere are academics who’s eyes are closed. The era of discovery has become flawed. Research discovers not much new, as it is limited by minds that only consider what has been discovered, so the benchmark for any new discovery is set only by the past.

At one time in our history, religion put the reins on discovery. Galileo springs to mind. Today, the role that the church played in the past, of repressing science and discovery, is now being played by the very institutions of science and medicine itself.

There is a veil over many eyes. A veil that holds us back.

Atomic theory has catapulted us way beyond Newtonian physics, into the realms of quantum mechanical theory. Has science forgotten that the atom was first suggested by a philosopher around 480BC?

There is a veil over many eyes. A veil that holds us back.

I find myself today trying to get in contact with the Nobel Laureate who discovered the HIV virus. In 2008, he won the Nobel Prize for his discovery, but in 2009 he saw himself heavily criticised by his peers because of a paper he published. Why? This paper presented experiments and results that raise questions about our current medical and scientific models. Even though his experiments have been replicated many times, the critics have not withdrawn their statements.

There is a veil over many eyes. A veil that holds us back.

Are you veiled by “what is”, or are your eyes open to what can be?

Any hoo, that’s my rant for today. If you did take the time to read it, then I give you my thanks.


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Scientific Discovery - Rest In Peace
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Scientific Discovery - Rest In Peace
Medical and scientific discovery are hindered by their very own institutions. How can we make advancements when they are ignored?
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  1. Hi Genn,
    My name is Ben Lokos, and I practice Reiki energy healing along with hypnotherapy, sound healing and other healing techniques. I am familiar with the electric magnetic field, which surrounds our body like the one that surrounds Gaia’s body. As well as the importance of our heart being coherent to send the right message to the brain to transmit the right message or intention as if its already occurring to the “infinite field.”
    I am interested in what you offer and perhaps to help me with my own condition called Cystinuria.
    I was forming large stones. My right kidney was blocked last year and I used Reiki healing with a group of other healers to move this stone, while listening to my own self hypnotic audio recording of Whales and imaging them dissolving the stone while I lay in a special underwater chair. The Whales achieved a natural underwater ESWL technique in breaking up my stone.
    Now I want to go to the infinite field and get cured of this metabolic genetic defect.
    Any suggestions?
    Warm Regards,
    Ben Lokos, MA, C.h.t

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