What is Body Frequency Alignment (BFA)?

Body Frequency Alignment (BFA) is a complementary modality. It aims at assisting the body/brain to function at an optimum, healthy state. BFA based on the hypothesis that the body is capable of healing itself. Body Frequency Alignment’s core purpose is to promote and strengthen the body’s self-healing ability.

The Body Frequency Alignment approach is twofold. It consists of both a physical technique, done by a qualified BFA practitioner, and a set of mindfulness-based practices.

Our goal is to put your health back into your hands.

The Physical Technique

Body Frequency Alignment is very relaxing, calming and soothing. Sessions involve listening to a specially designed and engineered audio backtrack, while a trained practitioner performs specific percussive (drumming) movement patterns on the back and sides of the body. Sessions also include pressure point release patterns.

The combination of audio stimulus (music) and tactile stimulus (percussive movement patterns) aims to bring about a state of alignment of brainwave state, heart rate and breath rate. This state of alignment has shown to achieve some very beneficial outcomes, while also bringing about deep states of calm and relaxation.

body frequency alignment physical technique

Practices and Techniques

Body Frequency Alignment focuses on the body’s own ability to heal itself. When we experience excessive amounts of stress, both mental and environmental, our immune function and other bodily functions are hindered.

We can give the body and mind the help it needs by regularly practicing simple mindfulness-based techniques. Body Frequency Alignment practitioners introduce and guide their clients through certain techniques, giving you the tools to help and take care of your own health.

You are shown and guided through certain mindfulness based techniques that are very beneficial when practised regularly. We call this “homework”, as these techniques are done in your own time.

We do encourage that people practice these techniques as regularly as possible.

body frequency alignment your hands

About Body Frequency Alignment

  • Developed to assist the body/brain in achieving and maintaining an improved state of health.
  • Can be done in conjunction with conventional medical practices, but is in itself not a registered medical technique or modality.
  • BFA works around the understanding that the body is able to heal itself more effectively, when in a specific state of mind and physical being. and that this state can be induced by methods and practices undertaken by both a Body Frequency Alignment practitioner as well as the individual.
  • It is by no means an alternative healing modality. When addressing cases of illness, BFA is intended to be done in conjunction with the treatment of a registered medical professional, or upon suggestion or referral of a registered medical professional.
  • Body Frequency Alignment is not a form of massage.
  • The principals employed are based on certain specific contemporary scientific and medical discovery, as well as the discoveries and observations of the psychological and neuropsychological sciences.

Reported Benefits of Body Frequency Alignment

  • People find much relief from the aches and pains associated to stress and anxiety related conditions
  • Many migraine and chronic headache sufferers report that their headaches subside considerably, with some saying their headache has lifted completely
  • People with repetitive strain injuries of the neck and lower lumbar region report that both tension and pain are reduced
  • Reports of greater mental focus and reduced anxiety have also been received
  • More rapid recovery from certain physical and mental conditions have been reported

“Body Frequency Alignment, in my opinion, is one of the best modalities I have ever experienced. A truly wonderful way to re-energize and connect.” – Stephen (Blairgowrie)

“It has always helped, whether it was for my sore back, migraine or general stress. Body Frequency Alignment helps me quieten my mind and give myself the serenity needed to sort through the catalogue of **** I have that makes me a human.” – Rachel (Glenvista)

“Unique, simple and powerful – highly recommended!” – Sean (Eastgate)

“With only two sessions my lower back pain all but disappeared, and I felt calmer about my life and the happenings in it” – Gisi (Germiston)


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