Cancer and DNA Copying Mistakes

A study from the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center suggests that “unpredictable DNA copying ‘mistakes’ account for nearly two-thirds of the mutations that cause cancer.” Previous to this research study, it was believed that the leading factors for cancer were heredity and lifestyle, but this study may change our view considerably.

DNA Copying “Mistakes” Study

According to the 2017 study, researchers Cristian Tomasetti, Lu Li and Bert Vogelstein found that “a substantial fraction of cancer driver gene mutations are indeed due to replicative factors (errors in DNA replication).” Researcher Cristian Tomasetti’s developed a method that determines the proportions of the cancer-causing mutations that result from inherited, environmental, and replicative factors. The method suggests that replicative factors (DNA copying “mistakes”) account for a sizeable percentage of these mutations. Nearly two-thirds.

The researchers suggest that errors in DNA replication are unpredictable. Perhaps though, when we take into account the technological additions to environmental factors, and certain previous studies into DNA, these “mistakes” might not be that unpredictable.

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Cancer, DNA Communication and Electromagnetic Frequency

In 2009, Luc Montagnier published a research paper that was met with much controversy. You might not have heard of Luc Montagnier before, but you’ve most definitely heard about his discovery that won him a Nobel Prize. He was co-credited with the discovery of the HIV virus.

The results of 2 of the experiments discussed in Professor Montagnier’s 2009 paper revealed some interesting findings. These findings may well suggest answers to the unpredictability of DNA replication errors (mutations).

Let’s take a look at the results of the experiment that caused the most controversy. It is titled DNA Waves and Water. The experiment seems to build on previous discoveries, that certain bacterial DNA emit a low wave electromagnetic signal. A sort of EMS (electromagnetic signal) signature or fingerprint, which appears to be specific to each individual type of bacteria used.
Montagnier discovered that, under specific environmental electromagnetic conditions, the low wave EMS emitted by viral and bacterial DNA can be imprinted into water, and this imprinted signal can be used to synthesize near identical DNA, when introducing nucleotides, primers and polymerase into the imprinted water.

How does this experiment suggest answers to the unpredictable DNA replication errors noted by the research of Tomasetti, Li and Vogelstein?

DNA Communication

In the recent study from Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, it is suggested that DNA copying “mistakes” may account for nearly two thirds of the mutations that cause cancer, and that these copying errors are unpredictable.

When we take Montagnier’s findings into account, this leaves us with 2 questions:

  • Is there a possibility that there is some sort of interference in communication between cells during cell division, which causes these replication errors?
  • Are DNA replication errors caused by decreased DNA communication, as a result of environmental electromagnetic conditions?
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Possible Solutions For Cancer-Causing DNA Replication Errors

Around the world today, we make use of a lot of technology that influences our immediate environmental electromagnetic conditions. Wi-Fi, mobile communication technology and even the AC current running into our homes and offices surround us with electromagnetic conditions far removed from those of the natural world. It would be near impossible for us to change this technology and its use, but we can minimize the impact it has on us.

By simply switching off mobile phones and wireless technology when we don’t need it may be of benefit. Spending more time away from cities, out in nature can also reduce the impact of these unnatural environmental electromagnetic conditions.

Using This Discovery To Our Advantage

If environmental electromagnetic conditions are a cause of DNA copying “mistakes”, is it possible to use the reverse of this cause to prevent or even cure cancer? By assisting the cells of the body to achieve improved communication, this may well be possible.

There is the possibility of introducing electromagnetic pulse generators into our homes, schools and workplaces. These pulse generators may be set to produce EMFs in the same frequency range as used by Montagnier in his DNA Waves and Water experiment.

Beyond external devices, we should not forget that our own bodies also produce electromagnetic fields. Both the brain and the heart produce sizeable EMFs. It is possible, through certain practices, techniques and modalities, to align our internal electromagnetic pulse generators to beneficial frequencies. Body Frequency Alignment is one such modality that assists in doing this. Through the use of the constant rhythmic stimulus, Body Frequency Alignment takes advantage of the frequency following response of the brain, which intern induces our own bodies to produce these beneficial EMFs.

Change is only possible if we are able to look beyond the accepted norms. When we see research like that which is presented here, perhaps it is time we change our approach to preventing and maybe even healing cancer.

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